19 Luxury Summer Outfits Ideas To Wear Now

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It’s the worst part of summer and all you can think about is getting away. Some of you’ll be lucky enough to sail the high seas, attend the Bahamas, to Mexico, or maybe Italy. Then, there are the rest of us in the world who are stuck here having to work with no break in site. When that happens, I simply like to fake it till I make it. For example, I like to dress like if I am on vacation. Take the outfit I have on right now for instance. These days I like to go to work and run errands wearing a bohemian, full tiered skirt and top it off with an authentic Mexican blouse. They say you have to dress for the part you want, not the part you have. My vacation outfit is saying that this summer and is also great for so much more.

So, let’s first deal with the lucky ones who are traveling far off to some exotic locale. For those of you that will be surrounded by cool waters and the hot sun, you’ll need some airy garments to keep you fresh while you are going from a local souvenir shop to scuba lessons. You’ll also want to look cute too! Throw on a cotton Mexican blouse that has draw strings around the collar, so you can loosen them and free up your neckline if it gets too hot.

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There’s a huge range of summer fashions hitting the shops this summer so, if you haven’t already, now is the opportune moment to get out there and start exploring what’s available. From t-shirts, vests and shorts to Capri pants, shades and sandals, there’s a world of exciting new trends just waiting to be tapped into – and who should be the first but you?