26 Beautiful Design Ideas For Small Bathroom

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As we know, bathroom is one of the main spaces at home that can affect your mood. The beautiful, clean and neat condition of bathroom will surely make you happier and relax under a shower of warm water to treat your body and mind after a day of work. So, do you want to realize your dream bathroom without reducing the space? Well, simple minimalist design can be the right choice. Actually, you can create a small bathroom that looks spacious and elegant.

Without you knowing it, the shower screen actually just make the bathroom look even narrower. Although transparent screen is mostly used to make the space look spacious, the basic design of bathroom without separator is better. In addition, the touch of texture in wall and floor will also make the design more and elegant livelier.

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In fact, minimalist concept of the bathroom will look more spacious if applied white tiles. It is the right choice for modern monochrome theme as well. To make the decoration better, just install the artwork as wall decoration. Then, put flower of plantation there an additional ornament. Furthermore, if you want to bring a little accent of dark color, do not forget to put the window in bathroom as natural lighting.