28 Industrial Style Bathrooms Design and Decor Ideas

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Bathroom becomes important part in home decoration. It is not just a place to do cleaning and taking a bath. Furthermore, you need to make comfortable area without losing the artistic side and practicality. Tons of ideas are available that ready to implement in new bathroom. If you like the design with elegant and old style, industrial seems to be the best option at all.

The term industrial design started to gain recognition few years ago. It refers to style that designers implement to room in order to look like the old warehouse and factory. In past time, manufacturers use vast room for their workers. Well, the room has rustic furniture, functional pipe and corridor, thick floor, and brick accent for the wall. After the factory or warehouse is no longer in use, they turn into a place for living, such as apartment or home. For bathroom, the style is what industrial period looks like.

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The design relies on the way the wall is decorated. You can apply brick pattern in the entire bathroom area. After that, pick furniture that looks old but functional. Vanity, cabinet, sink, and faucet have to be the rustic elements. If the place is small, you can use more lighting and mirror. Both create expanded perspective when a person enters the bathroom. Moreover, the colors have to be subtle; not too bright but in balanced proportion.